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Rapid Prototyping

Our success can be attributed to our core strengths:

Design for Production: Our ability to help our customers optimize their design and select the right materials and processes for their application differentiates us from our competition – we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty helping our customers with the upfront, heavy lifting at the start of a program during a parts design, prototyping and early development.

Robust Production Processes: We design our processes to be successfully, repeatedly manufactured right from the start – ensuring a successful part launch and ongoing development.

Cost Reduction-Cost Containment: We work closely with our customers to reduce or contain costs – including energy and material surcharges. Many of our customers have years of stable or reduced pricing due to these efforts.

Responsiveness: We strive to meet or exceed customer expectations, timelines and targets. Our in-house tool design and build ensures high quality and lower costs and the ability to react quickly.

Expertise: We have a professional staff with years of experience in production manufacturing, product development and plant management. Our team invests regularly to better understand the changing machining, foundry, forging and extrusion markets and how those changes will affect our customers.

Program Management – Global Supply: As our customers have grown and globalized, so have we. As a Full Service Supplier, Centracore assumes ownership and responsibility of our entire supply chain – managing our raw material, secondary operations and finished machining and assembly with an aggressive Program Management process.

Centracore LLC maintains a strong network of global raw material suppliers – companies with the right quality systems, quality certifications and processes in place to serve the most rigorous global OEM’s. These companies are right here in North America and overseas in Asia, Europe and South America.

In addition to our finished parts capabilities, Centracore also provides Warehousing and Logistics for its customers. We will manage and support inventory requirements for daily, weekly or monthly production shipments to biannual service part requirements.

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