Our Products
Rapid Prototyping
Right from the start, our focus is to develop the most robust systems capable of delivering the highest integrity parts at the lowest possible cost, every time. Safety, Quality, Cost and Delivery are key drivers at Centracore and at the heart of how we operate.
Production capabilities include (but are not limited to):
Production Machining and Assembly of castings, forgings and extrusions in aluminum, iron and steel:
  • High speed Horizontal and Vertical machining centers
  • Production CNC lathes
  • High volume, specialty built Machining and Assembly Cells
  • Production volume (range): as small as 50 piece lots up to 150,000 pieces per month
  • Part weight (range): as small as 20 grams to as heavy as 50 kg (the machining envelope being the limiting factor)
Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting:
  • Production die casting in several grades of aluminum including:
            380, 383, ADC12, 360, 390, K-Alloy and Silafont-36
  • Production volume (range): 100,000+ piece annual quantities or minimum lot size
  • Part weight (range): 20g – 2.5kg
Secondary Operations including:
  • Fasteners and bushing assembly, insert molding, welding + miscellaneous assembly
  • Testing for: Leak and Flow, Cleanliness (millipore), Hardness and Die Penetrant, Chemical and Physical, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle and X-Ray .
  • Coatings: E-coating, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Plating, Phosphate Coating,
  • Autophoretic Coating and other like processes.


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